All You Need to Know About Raw Silk

All You Need to Know About Raw Silk

Raw silk is one of the oldest and most exquisite fabrics in the world. It is popular across India and known by different names. It is called Resham in Urdu and Hindi, Pattu in Southern India, and Paat in the Eastern pockets of the nation. The history of this delicate and unique fabric dates back to the Indus valley civilization era.

At present times, China is the largest manufacturer of raw silk while India stands second. Raw silk has maintained its popularity for centuries and it is not going to fade away any time soon. Indian cities such as Bhagalpur and Pochamally are popular for the production of raw silk on a massive scale.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons that make raw silk so popular and facts related to the fabric.

1. Plenty of varieties

If you are looking to buy pure silk sarees online, you will have plenty of choices at your disposal. This numero uno fabric has tons of options ranging from Muga to Tropical tussar, Temperate tassar and Mulberry to name a few. Muga raw silk can retain its sheen and color for a lifetime. It is known for its engaging golden hues while Mulberry raw silk is the softest of all the varieties.

Tropical tussar raw silk shares plenty of similarities with Temperate raw silk; however, both of these have many distinctive and appealing qualities.

2. Perfect for any and every occasion

You can easily purchase raw silk saree online these days. Raw silk is apt for any and every occasion, whether it is a religious function, wedding, engagement or baby shower; a raw silk saree is sure to make you the show-stopper.

It is popular across India as it is comfortable to wear in any season- rain, summer, or winter. Whether you live in a tropical, humid, hot, or cold area; you will never regret wearing this fabric.

3. It requires care and maintenance

When maintained properly, raw silk sarees can last for a lifetime. You must keep it protected from stains and direct sunlight. When exposed to sunlight frequently, the fabric loses its sheen and its appearance gets tarnished.

4. Innovations

Raw silk has a global appeal and its use is not just confined to sarees. Today, you can find contemporary outfits and accessories made of this fabulous fabric. From clutches to neckties, bags, apparel, and bed-spreads; the choice is simply infinite.

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