Does and Don't of wearing a saree

Does and Don't of wearing a saree - VishnuWeaves

Wearing a saree might not be as easy as wearing jeans & a top, but with little attention to details, anyone can master the art of wearing a saree. Here are some does and don’ts of wearing a saree that can help you wear and flaunt the saree the way you want!

If you DON'T want to Suffocate,

DO -

The most important accessory for any saree is its blouse, which many tend to ignore. Make sure the blouse you are wearing is not too tight, else you'll suffocate in it, or if it is too lose it will look unflattering. Wear the right fit. 

Remember, Choli is as important as Saree.

If You Don’t want to turn your WORLD upsidedown. 


Where you tie your saree is one of the most important things while wearing one. If you tie it too high you’ll expose your petticoat and heels and if you wear it too low, you couldn’t walk without tripping from it. So tie it exactly at your belly button to avoid all these odds. :

You don’t fall, make everyone else fall for you when you wear a saree.

If You Don’t know a thing  about wearing a Saree


Wearing a saree for the first time can be a task. So choose a saree that won’t require much effort carrying them. Sarees like chiffon, net are easy to handle and you can carry them effortlessly. 

Protip: Make your mom your stylist when you wear a saree. No one wears it better than her.

If you Don’t want that Oppps moment to happen

DO -

Safety Pins are your best friend when dealing with saree.        Not only it secures to keep your pleats in place but also can avoid any dropping of Palu and thus save you from embarrassment. Use pins wherever necessary. 

‘Opps’ moment looks humorous only in Bollywood, in real life it just causes embarrassment. 

If you Don’t want to drape traditionally

Do -

 Remember there is no one style of draping a saree. From lehenga sarees to dhoti ones, from a gathered pallu to front style pallu, try to experiment with different drapes and styles and find out which works for you and goes with your body type nicely.

It’s a Saree, you wear it whichever way you want.

If you Don’t want to add an extra burden

Do - 

Choose footwear comfortable for you. Managing saree for a First-timer is on and all a big issue. You don’t want to pile it up with Stilettos. If heels are not the right choice for you, then go for platform heels or wedges to stay comfortable.

        High heel te nache tan tu badi jache - Is not for everyone. 


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