How to wear Cotton Saree

How to wear Cotton Saree - VishnuWeaves

How to wear Cotton Saree

No matter how far India has come in terms of westernization and Fashion trends, its roots still make it stand straight when it comes to its tradition. 

And where there are traditions, there come traditional wears!

One such evergreen traditional wear is Saree, be it the ‘70’s, ’80s, ’90s, or even ‘20s, Saree had always found a way to come and rule the fashion world!

 One such versatile Saree that still holds the heart of Indian Women is Cotton Sarees! From designers to celebrities to bloggers, cotton saree is adorned and embraced in full versatility. And Cotton is one of the most comfortable and breathable fabric making it a favorite for summer wear.

 When it comes to wearing a cotton saree, it doesn’t require much effort. Here are some steps for you to wear and rock Cotton Saree hustle free!

 Step 1:

Find the best match of Petticoat and Blouse for your Cotton saree, a good color match of petticoat will help you flaunt the perfect color of your saree. However, you don’t necessarily require a matching blouse, a contrast blouse, or any crop top that gives you a chich look that will work perfectly for your saree.

 Step 2:

Now tie your petticoat underneath your navel tightly as it is going to hold and secure your saree.  Hold the saree horizontally from its end, after opening it completely, now start wrapping it around your waist a little right to your navel and start wrapping it around your waist. Take only one circle of wrapping so that your petticoat is fully covered. Once the first wrap is done, tuck in the saree with the petticoat at least the front securely to obtain the look.

 Step 3:

 Pick up the reaming saree and start pleating it in an equal & organized way. Make sure the pleats go all the way to the end of the saree where your feet are. If needed, take help from someone to even out the pleat. There should be about 4 to 6 pleats depending on your saree length. Once the pleat is made, carefully tuck the entire structure into your front petticoat and secure the pleats with the help of a safety pin or Saree pin. 

 Step 4:

Now bring the remaining part that is Pallu to the front and drape it across your body towards your left shoulder. You can either keep the Pallu free or make pleats out of it and then in it with your blouse! 

Yes, it’s that easy to wear a cotton saree!


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