Taking Care of your Silk Sarees

Taking Care of your Silk Sarees - VishnuWeaves
When it comes to Indian Traditional Wear, Saree is the ultimate Queen that all Indian women are fond of. Some of these sarees are so special that we take them out of our wardrobe only to wear them on a special occasion.
Some of these sarees are even handed down from one generation to another. So it becomes essential to know how to take care of such valuable sarees that can make them last for decades!
One of such most treasured saree is the Silk Saree, which we love so much that we often keep them in our closets instead of flaunting them because even the thought of ruining it gives us chills. From Weddings to Big Festivals, Silk Fabrics are given utmost importance. To maintain their natural richness and beauty, one must know how to wash silk sarees and the process to iron and store them. At every stage, the silk fabric compels protection from extreme temperatures and sunlight. These guards the luster of the hues on the garment and hinders the unraveling of the fabric.

Here are some ways you can take care of your Silk Saree and keep them New forever!


Always wrap the saree in a cotton cloth to keep the charm alive and never hang them on a metal hanger. You can even use a muslin cloth as it allows the air to pass through the fabric but keeps away the moisture that is quite damaging to the saree. Keep every saree separately in separate covers.


Silk is considered a piece of art, so do not let them feel left out. Always take them out at regular intervals and expose them to mild- sunlight for a few hours. And then, store them back. This would maintain their color and shine. This also prevents any fungal attack or odor that the fabric might have picked up.


Keep changing the folds of the sari to avoid permanent wrinkles and increase its longevity. Do not keep heavily ironed saris hanging in the cupboard.


Use neem leaves to keep away the bugs. It is better than using naphthalene balls. Always air-dry the saris after you wear them to avoid a bad smell. Silica gel can be used to avoid humidity and preventing fungal growth on your silk sarees. Dry cleaning is the safest way to clean your silk.


To regain the lost shine of a silk saree, wash in one-fourth cup distilled white vinegar mixed in one-gallon water. Make sure you rinse off the vinegar thoroughly so that you do not damage the fabric.


It’s not advisable to wash your Precious Silk saree at home.
However, if you still wish to wash it at home, do it with a precise amount of care and detail. For the initial three washes, use only plain, cold water to gently wash the separate parts of the saree (pallu, body, and borders). After that, you use a protein shampoo to supply protein content in the silk saree.


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